We're back!

We're back!

We are now on tour, bringing back laughter, fun and a bit of normality.
We have introduced a range of safety measures to comply with governmental guidelines. These are laid out in the “Keeping Everyone Safe” page on this web site.

“Engels + geschiedenis + theater = enthousiaste leerlingen”

Levende Talen Magazine – January 2015

The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company was started over 15 years ago and has since become an integral part of the Dutch education system.

We are proud to have made a well-earned name for ourselves within English departments and the bilingual education system across the Netherlands.

We specialise in TIE (Theatre in Education) with a specific emphasis on English as a foreign language, and have a firm belief in Learning through Doing. Native English-speaking actors perform and run the company.

We understand that to build students´ confidence in using a second language, they have to experience it actively.

Many theatre companies offer a wonderful performance - but if ALL you want is a wonderful performance, a DVD can offer just that, and will save you a fortune.

We pride ourselves on providing not only a wonderful performance, but also an unforgettable interactive experience!

Hot off the press...

How to attract new pupils

Phileas Fogg can design exclusively for your college, fun, exciting, and totally interactive events for your potential pupils to participate in.

This will help create a day they will remember.

Go back in time with the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company

Every student is 100% involved.

Nobody just sits there and watches.

The workshops help the students become more confident in listening to and speaking English.

As the workshop progresses so does the students´ use of English.

The students learn and become more confident whilst having a great time.

Every workshop is tailored to your students´ level of English.

The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company has been working in the Netherlands for over 15 years.

It works!

On this website you will find comprehensive information for all the shows, and how to book.
See here for our terms and conditions.