Give students the experience of life throughout WW1

1 st World War Poets

1st World War Poets

The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company “First World War Experience” has been a tremendous success in Holland for about 15 years. This is not a run of the mill workshop in which students watch a play and then perhaps have a question and answer session afterwards.

Your students are lead through the 1st WW by a team of very experienced Phileas Fogg actors. Your students start the war by marching, cheering and waving flags, going to the recruiting office and enlisting.

Your students are a trenching party. Your students “go over the top”, are the soldiers who explain why the third light superstition originated, have to pee on their hankies to save them from a gas attack, have been wounded at the front and are in Craiglockhart Military Hospital and all your students are eventually blinded by gas and form a human chain.

The very poignant poetry of the War is used throughout the experience to highlight the feelings of the people in the trenches. Most of them are read by your students.

This is a very moving and mature experience. Every single student participates. Not one of them just sits there and watches.

We believe in learning by doing not learning by watching.

This is a very moving experience for your students – one they will never forget.
Your students become the soldiers living and dying in the trenches.
Poetry of the 1st World War is used, which means the level of English is at a high standard.
Each workshops lasts about 1 hour 30 minute and we can accommodate up to 35 students.
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Phileas Fogg’s World War One Poets’ is of unprecendented help to our teaching. Two actors divide the class into two regiments and along with the works of famous war poets, the students are plunged into the inferno of what is called ‘The Great War’.
Our students who are attending a special enhanced English programme are introduced during the lessons with poets like Sassoon or Owen. Next to that, they are taught the facts during History classes. But, the active role they play alongside the high-ranking actors makes the workshop a tremendously great experience which contributes to the enhancement of the students’ cultural baggage. Thank you both for a lovely, amazing, and above all, entertaining evening with our Daughter Jill Veerbeek

Maurits Kamman, a History Teacher at Canisius College, Almelo, The Netherlands