Win Prizes - Free Competition

This man needs your help!
Free to Enter Competition

(You may be stuck at home, so why not?)

  • Win 250 euros.

  • A free Phileas Fogg workshop or show for your college.

  • Accreditation for your artwork.

I am going to get 2 books published. One for 8 – 14 year olds and a collection of short stories for adults.
I need the covers designed for both books.

How to I enter this fantastic contest?

  1. Send me an e-mail, to say which book cover you are interested in designing.
    If you would like to try for both, that’s great.
  2. I will send you 3 short stories or the book, or both, which will give you an idea about who the potential readers would be.
  3. Let your imagination run wild!
  4. Send your design or designs back. You may enter as many times as you like.
  5. Whichever designs I feel are the most appropriate, will win.

This competition is open to every student in the Netherlands.
If you are stuck at home, use the time to win some money and help your college!