Every workshop is tailormade for you

Drama Workshop

ALL students gain PRACTICAL experience!
Drama is a powerful teaching and enabling tool, when applied to life skills - students can freely try out situations and actions, empathise with others and enter into imaginary worlds. It is also fun!
Our professional actors conduct and facilitate the workshop. The group is encouraged to work together. They will take part in dynamic exercises, which lead to individual and group trust and confidence building. Then comes a journey, for each of the newly-formed teams, by working together and using their newly-learned skills and their imagination, to devise and present their own piece of work to the other teams.

Benefits to your Students:

  • The practice of spoken English with native speakers
  • The use and application of colloquial English
  • Improvement of presentation skills
  • Confidence building
  • The understanding and appreciation of team building
  • The development of speaking and listening skills
  • Opportunities are provided for exploring emotions and solving problems, by working together
  • Interactive drama – students learn to act and experience theatre skills