Show off the capabilities of your students

How to Attract New Pupils with Phileas Fogg

(We only offer this to colleges we already work with.)

1) Basic School Pupils Introduction

This is the first time potential students visit your college. It is therefore very important to show your college in a positive way and yours is better than surrounding colleges.

Phileas Fogg can design exclusively for your college, fun, exciting, and totally interactive events for the potential pupils to participate in. This will help create a day they will remember.

2) Open Day English Showcase

This is already an outstanding success with colleges throughout the Netherlands. Those who now book us seem to book us year after year.

When potential pupils and their parents enter your college’s English room, they witness an exciting, humorous and fun packed show. This lasts approximately between 12 and 15 minutes. The actors re-set, get the next group in and start again.

When the audience leaves, they are buzzing. They will never have experienced anything like this before. It is an event both the potential pupils and their parents will not forget!

3) “First Kiss” or Introduction Evening

When potential pupils and their parents go to a college for the final recruitment stage, some colleges put on “Trial lessons in English”.

A Phileas Fogg trail lesson is another exciting and fun packed experience for the pupils. As with every Phileas Fogg workshop or show it is 100% interactive. As with every Phileas Fogg workshop or show, it is an experience they will remember!