Experience the life of an actor in the 16th century

In Love With Shakespeare Workshop

This workshop has been designed to promote an understanding and appreciation of the life, times and works of William Shakespeare.

Drama is a powerful teaching tool. Through Interactive Drama, we aim to demystify Elizabethan language, demonstrate the relevance of Shakespeare’s works and the magic and beauty of his poetry. All students gain PRACTICAL experience and the chance to examine Tudor living, Elizabethan manners and the background in which Shakespeare plays and sonnets are set.

The works of Shakespeare thread their way through this Interactive Workshop. It gives the students a chance to appreciate why so many fall “In Love With Shakespeare”.
Our professional actors conduct and facilitate the workshop. The group is encouraged to work together.

They will take part in this Shakespearian Workshop as Elizabethan actors, preparing to perform a play at the Globe Theatre in London and working in groups to present their own versions of Shakespearian plays to the other teams.