18th January 2021
Dear Sirs
My company has been working in the Netherlands for over 20 years.  We teach Dutch students how to become more confident with their English skills.  They also learn history sociology and drama.  Our unique methods also help them with their self-confidence.  We also teach interview and presentation skills. 
We work with students from all levels, including primary schools,  vocational, HAVO, MAVO, TTO etc.  All streams of students benefits with our work.
We also have Teachers Workshops.  These cover subjects such as teambuilding, communication, and presentation skills etc.  We also show them some of our innovative methods for motivating students.
Over the last 20 years we have become an integral and important part of the Dutch English curriculum.  We have many testimonials from colleges stating this fact.
We are a partner of the Dutch CJP Cultuurkaart.

About 13 years ago, after speaking to a Dutch accountant, I formed the Stichting Phileas Fogg Theatre Company.  Then about 2 years ago, to rebrand, it changed to the Stichting Interactive English for Colleges. This new name tells colleges exactly what we do.
Colleges insist we have professional, English native speaking actors.  Since the 1st January 2021 I have advertised for Dutch residents to apply, who fill these criteria, so far I have received no replies.
Actors in the UK, the same as in the Netherlands, work on a self-employed basis.
All our actors have to be members of Equity.  This is a union for professionals in the entertainment industry.  All our actors have been to Drama College and/or higher education.

Normally actors have a 4 – 6 week contract with us.  We have a team of approximately 12 actors who have been carefully selected because of their skills.  We then train them in our techniques.  Any one of them may work for us for just 4 weeks in a scholastic year or a lot more.  It is variable.
UK actors prefer to have a UK contract.  This is because as members of Equity they have access to an arbitration service and legal team, which is included in their membership.

We take our social responsibility very seriously.
We support the Dutch Peter Pan Charity by promoting them and fundraising.  Before the corona outbreak, we were about to organise and sponsor an outing to Efteling for a group of children.  As soon as it is over, this will happen.
For colleges with limited funds, we have offered 2 workshops or shows for the price of 1.  This means twice as many pupils benefit.  For some colleges in underprivileged areas we charged 1 euro per workshop or show.
From October to December last year we were on tour.  We introduced stringent safety measures to ensure everyone was safe.  Please see attached “Keeping Everyone Safe” and “Keeping Everyone Safe Update”.  In every college we visited, the reaction we received from pupils and teachers was outstanding.  We always get a warm welcome, but during this crisis it was amplified.
We are all passionate about what we do and we love doing it!

Our problem is this – how do we find a viable way to continue?  Over the last few months I have been in contact with numerous UK and Dutch government departments.  Because of the last minute Brexit agreement, there does not seem to be a standard way for UK actors to work in the Netherlands.  This is made even more complicated because we are a unique company and extremely specialised.
From my research, there seems to be 3 alternatives to continue in the Netherlands.

1)      The Stichting Interactive English for Colleges employs the actors
2)      The Stichting “hires” them from a UK actor’s agency.
3)      A UK company takes over the role of the Stichting, which means college’s book directly with them.

If you require any more information, please let me know.
I look forward to you reviewing this and using your expert knowledge to help us.

Yours faithfully

Peter D Massey