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Little Victorians Evening Show

Little Victorians

Our evening performances of Little Victorians are designed as a showcase for your school to illustrate to parents how well their children have progressed in English, and is performed before an invited evening audience. It is fun and informative. Plus, it is a great evening’s entertainment; enjoyable and fit for all the family - what a PR opportunity! (Some colleges even invite local press and radio to cover the event!)

Before your audience’s eyes, students are briefed by our entertaining actors, before being transformed into actors and performing a play, depicting the life and times of poor Victorian children. Scenes will be acted out from the literary works of Charles Dickens, Charles Kingsley and other Victorian writers, and actual accounts are also included from real Victorian children.

Upon booking a performance, further details and a fully comprehensive set of teachers’ notes will be sent to you. This will support you in preparing your students.

Every single pupil is 100% involved.
Pupils learn by doing not just from watching.
Little Victorians is an experience they will not forget.
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Dear Charlie and Emma... What an incredible show we saw last evening (Thursday January 16th 2015) at Werenfridus School Hoorn. The way you deal with the kids and what they learn from you in about 2 hours is astonishing. With lots, lots of humor, you both make this evening beyond our dreams. I really didn't had any idea what to expect. It was my first time. My wife visit this show last year so she was informed… She liked it just as much as she did last year. Well dear Charlie and Emma! I can recommend you to all schools in Europe. Because: ones I understood your way of teaching and that was 100% laughter, I saw these kids playing rolls as if they did so for many years, I realize that the “game” of theater was amazing. You gave them the felling “the sky is the limit”. As if they were born actors. Great amateurs. Well. We enjoyed al lot and we will promote you as much as possible! Dutch government, all European governments, should subsidies this project 100%! Thank you both for a lovely, amazing, and above all, entertaining evening with our Daughter Jill Veerbeek

Ben Veerbeek‎ - Parent