Every single student is involved

Little Victorians Workshop

Little Victorians is a historically based workshop where students will be asked to act out the roles of poor children who lived throughout the industrial revolution, during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901).
English literature threads its way through Little Victorians - scenes will be acted out from the literary works of Charles Dickens, Charles Kingsley and other Victorian writers. Actual accounts are included from real Victorian children.

Upon booking a performance, further details and a fully comprehensive set of teachers’ notes will be sent to you. This will support you in preparing your students.

A fun packed experience for your pupils.
Your pupils become poor Victorian children living on the streets.
Your pupils become more confident in speaking and listening

Little Victorians Workshop
Little Victorians Workshop
Little Victorians Workshop

Every single pupil is 100% involved.
Experienced English actors help your pupils get the most from every workshop.
Also helps pupils become more confident in themselves.

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Contact Peter.

Thank you, Phileas Fogg, for coming to Revius Lyceum (Doorn). You maintained the attention of 25+ 13-year old kids for 2 hours using no screens, no sugar and no scare tactics. Let's see, what's left? Enthusiasm, butterflies (in the pit of their stomachs), humor, experience, wit, charm and non-stop imagination. I'd bet that this brief time opened up a crack in someone's teenage armor to the world of theatre and might have changed their lives forever. Thank you for coming and opening up the magic of the imagination.

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