Give your students that added advantage

School Leavers' Workshop

At the end of each school year, thousands of students leave school with the same qualifications. So, the deciding factor in securing a good job is often the interview.
The School Leavers Workshop helps the student focus on the salient aspects of the interview, concentrating on presentation skills. The students learn to present themselves advantageously.

We give the students the tools to help them to succeed at interviews.

Our professional actors conduct and facilitate the workshop. The group is encouraged to work together. They will take part in dynamic exercises, which lead to the students gaining the confidence to approach an interview situation with the skills necessary to present themselves to their best advantage.
As actors, we are constantly in audition / interview situations. Consequently, we have lots of experience in techniques of how best to present oneself.
Students gain confidence in interviews for all job types, from Artisans to Zoologists!