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Shakespeare Night Show

Showcase your school and your students with our evening performance of Shakespeare by Night, illustrating to parents how well their children have progressed in English!

Shakespeare by Night is performed before an invited evening audience.
It is fun and informative and totally interactive between actors, performers and the audience. The performance is a great evening’s entertainment; enjoyable and fit for all the family!

Shakespeare by Night has been designed to promote an understanding and appreciation of the life, times and works of William Shakespeare. An insight into Tudor living, Elizabethan manners and the background in which Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are set is explored.

Students will take part in our Shakespearian Workshop as Elizabethan actors, preparing to perform at the Globe Theatre in London and culminating in group performances of their own unique versions of Shakespearian plays!

Our professional actors conduct and facilitate this evening Workshop. The group is encouraged to work together, sometimes with the audience!

There’s even a quiz to determine how adept they - and the audience - are at identifying Shakespeare’s works!

Shakespeare night show

Shakespeare can often “go over the heads” of an audience. This can make the evening seem boring. Phileas Fogg puts Shakespeare in to a contemporary light, so it is educational and entertaining

Shakespeare night show Shakespeare night show

Each show lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes and we can accommodate up to 36 pupils.
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