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Teachers' Workshop

Our Teachers’ Workshops have been designed for you and your colleagues!
Drama is an effective method of uniting different teaching groups and thereby improving communication and understanding, and in this workshop you will have an opportunity to work together, in a creative, structured environment.

The Workshop caters for all teachers, regardless of department or level of English.
Our professional actors conduct and facilitate the workshop. The group is encouraged to work together. They will take part in dynamic exercises, which leads to group trust and team building. Then comes a journey, providing opportunities for each of the newly-formed teams, by working together and, using their skills and imagination, to devise and present their own piece of work to the other teams.

Benefits to Teachers:

  • A ‘time out’ session for teachers
  • The practice of colloquial English with native speakers
  • Developing and strengthening team unity
  • Bringing teachers together from different teams and developing further the empathy between different departments
  • The opportunity to explore common goals
  • Building upon teachers’ ability to communicate and observe
  • Experience of new group dynamics leading to an understanding and recognition of skill sets and how best to develop them
  • Recognition of normally unseen talents and demonstration of them within the group
  • Building respect and understanding for other teachers’ competences which will facilitate strong working relationships