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Thank you, Phileas Fogg, for coming to Revius Lyceum (Doorn). You maintained the attention of 25+ 13-year old kids for 2 hours using no screens, no sugar and no scare tactics. Let's see, what's left? Enthusiasm, butterflies (in the pit of their stomachs), humor, experience, wit, charm and non-stop imagination. I'd bet that this brief time opened up a crack in someone's teenage armor to the world of theatre and might have changed their lives forever. Thank you for coming and opening up the magic of the imagination.

I've never seen children have so much fun while learning history, English AND overcoming stage fright - all in one go! I am sure this is an experience they will never forget and one that will inspire them to do something adventurous and unexpected at some future point in their lives!

What an amazing evening you gave us! I was afraid my son would be to shy for this but there is no room for that. Thank you very much.

Such a great way for children to learn so much about history! Enjoyed every second of it and so did the children. Please keep doing this! Thanks again Charlie and Emma!

What an excellent job you did last night: starting with giggling teens and finishing with a group of serious actors, not realizing they just learned a great deal. And meanwhile... I (as a parent) had a very entertaining evening with a lot of laughter. Keep up the good work!

It was a lot of fun to watch our children go back in time. My daughter found it scary and she was very nervous, but she had a great time and enjoyed herself very much. I wish we had this kind of lesson when we where in school. Keep up the good work and please go on with the education and most of all great experience you give our children. The mother of torcher girl 4 Dalton Den Haag


At first, I thought it wouldn’t be fun (maybe because I’m not a fan of performing) but when we got on with the show, it turned out to be amazing actually, so thanks for that!

The workshop today was so much fun! We had a lovely time and I liked it a lot; Mainly because it was not only about having fun, but we learned how to be more confident:D The only disappointing thing is that we have to wait A WHOLE YEAR until you come back☹. Can’t wait!

It was so cool and funny

I did this to on my school the RSG and it was amazing!!! I want to do this again because it was fun!!!!

Oooh i liked this evening so much!!! I never had so much fun at school as now!!!


Ever so proud of my first-year TTO pupils. 1T1 did a great job in this evening's Little Victorians production with Jen and Pete. Excellent work, everyone

Today the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company came to our college to perform with the students of 1t1. Jen and Charles were great! Thanks you for a wonderful performance and a great evening!

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