What People Say


Here is a selection of some of the comments and feedback we have received.

Hi I´m a student from the Lorentz Lyceum and you came to us! It was a really nice evening and we learned a lot. The parents also find it really good! It was nice that you thinked about it at the moment. I wish your company much succes and a really nice new year! Kind regards (Student, Arnhem)

At school I always hated history class. Tonight, I loved it! It was fantastic, amazing, hilarious, lovely, genius! I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for this beautiful evening! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. (Parent, Hertogenbosch) 

What an energy!!! After we’ve seen you working with the kids of TTO2 of Het Jacob van Liesvelt in Hellevoetsluis this evening.. we can only say: respect!!! We really enjoyed every minute: how you motivated the kids and learned us about the victorian times!! Thank you very much, good job. 
Kind regards, Thessa (Parent, Hellevoetsluis)

Phileas Fogg Theater Company at Metameer Jenaplan Boxmeer! What a wonderful performance, What an energy,how great to see my class acting and performing with you!!! Thanks!!! (Teacher, Boxmeer)

St. Nicolaaslyceum - Amsterdam Before our eyes, students of our bilingual classes are briefed by professional actors, before taking the stage where they transformed into actors and performed the play, depicting the life and times of poor Victorian children. It was an unforgettable adventure! #nicestkidsintown #leuksteleerlingenvanamsterdam (Teacher, Amsterdam)

Tonight, I had a wonderful time while doing the play in the theatre of Stedelijk Dalton Lyceum. It was learned in only one hour, and the play was taking in total a quarter! It's amazing to see you can do so much with so less! It was special to do for us, because we're Dutch and are following TTO lessons, but it was really easy to follow. We absolutely have laughed a lot, the actors and the parents! Also we have learned a lot. Thank you guys very much for this! We had a great time! (Student, Dordrecht)

What a great and entertaining show that was! The kids truly enjoyed playing their Victorian characters. English seemed to come so natural to them. We were all amazed how well the play was put together. thank you for engaging students and audience in such a wonderful way. (Parent, Boxtel)

What a great performance , hilarious, educational. Loved it! The Little Victorians by 1P from Isendoorn College. (Parent, Warnsveld)

What a fantastic blend of education, history, theater and fun for students and parents alike!! Excellent leadership and acting from the instuctors. (American visitor)

Yesterday evening we had a splendid time. Watching our grandchild playing in an Dickens-play. marvellous. I wish i was young again and learning English in this way. Thanks you so much! (Grandparent, Den Haag)

A very poignant and memorable First World War Evening Show. Thank you! (Parent, Gouda)

We had a blast last Thursday with TTO2c @Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum Leiden. Thank you for your enthousiasm and energy! (Student, Leiden)

Yesterday, our second year students from the bilingual department of the vwo, performed the Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet.

The play was the finishing touch of the Shakespeare project the students have been working on for the past few weeks. The British actors from The Phileas Fogg Theatre took the lead and the result was marvellous! Sad enough, due to Corona virus there was no audience, but we filmed the performances so parents can watch it at home. (Teacher, Alphen aan den Rijn) 

Oyez, Oyez. Had a great evening seeing you taking my nephew and his classmates trough the Victorian times. Very fun to watch and experience. The energy which they give to the children is contagious and very fun to watch. (Aunt, Winschoten)

A very impressive theatre show about World War One at Bonnefanten College tonight. Thank you! (Parent, Maastricht)

That was great (again) yesterday! Another fab night out with the Phileas Fogg Theatre's 'Little Victorians'. The final performance was even better. Go and see this! Cheers! By the way, I learned a lot myself as well. Not only about Victorian imes, but also about Johnny Depp's career...  (Parent, Apeldoorn)

A great show tonight at Jac.P. Thijsse college. Thank you our daughter enjoyed every minute  (Parent, Castricum)

Happy faces yesterday at Trinitas College tto! Phileas Fogg Theatre, you were brilliant! Thanks for all the laughs! (Teacher, Heerhugowaard)

Thanks for the lovely entertainment this evening! The children and us parents laughed a lot and it was educational as well! In a very short time you and the children performed such a nice play. Big thumbs up! Wishing you guys a great time in the Netherlands and the best of luck in the future. 

(Parent, Middelburg)

We had an outstanding evening, a first class night out! We didn’t really know what to expect, we thought we’d just go to our daughters’ school and watch ‘a performance’. Well, it was a performance, but it was so much more! We can seriously recommend this to any school anywhere outside the UK - and even in the UK itself. Truly an unforgettable experience; maybe even life changing for some pupils in a positive way.

Schools & Teachers: in case you didn’t do it already, book these Phileas Fogg-guys now. Do it! (Parent, Enchede)

Some pictures of very good evening yesterday. My son was very exciting for the show and after the show he stay talking about the show with a very big smile on his face. Thank you so much. (Parent, Tilburg)

The wonderful Phileas Fogg Theatre had an entertaining and educational play with our first form TTO. What a brilliant performance! (Teacher, Emmen)

Our son loved the workshop tonight at Jacob van Liesveld College. And a great watch for the parents as well. (Parent, Hellevoetsluis)

Another 100 or so pieces of canon-fodder bite the dust in a spectacular way! Thanks again, Phileas Fogg Theatre for bringing War poetry to life for us! (Teacher, Ziest)

Thank you for an outstanding and enjoyable evening with you in Heerlen (The Netherlands) this evening where my son was partaking in your play " Little Victorians" (Parent, Heerlen)

We've had a splendid evening, keep up the good work! Groetjes from Epe  (Student, Epe)

Six years after my daughter my son played in Little Victorians at Scala College. And after six year it’s still hilarious! (Parent, Alphen aan den Rijn)

What a fun show tonight starring the class of my daughter! A glimpse into the life of Little Victorians in a humorous way 

An awesome way to “play with the English language”! (Parent, Wassenaar)

Through this email I would like to thank you and your wonderful team for the delightful evening last week at RSG Broklede. 

The parents, the students and my fellow colleagues enjoyed the Little Victorian shows very much and were in awe of the student's performances. 

It is always a treat to see the students excel thrive!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon. (Teacher, Breukelen)

A great show tonight at Jac.P. Thijsse college. Thank you our daughter enjoyed every minute  (Parent, Castricum)

We really enjoyed the "Little Victorians" play you practised 'live' with the kids at 't Rijks in Bergen op Zoom.  Our son loved to play the part of "dead body". (Parent, Bergen op Zoom)

Back in time with Phileas Fogg!
Last week the students of 3rd year experienced a special and
impressive moment at our school. The talented actors from Phileas
Fogg Theater / Interactive English for Colleges Foundation returned
to Broekhin. They have had a special place in our hearts for years,
because they annually provide inspiring workshops for our tto
classes. This time they took us on a journey back in time, to the
period of the First World War. The story of life during this historical
period came to life for our students. With their interactive approach,
the actors made history tangible and understandable for our
students. (Teacher, Roermond)

Thanks for the Romeo and Juliet workshop for class H3f at the Stedelijk College Eindhoven yesterday. We had great fun with your excellent and hilarious performance and lovely cast.  Fantastic way to learn about one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.  (Parent, Eindhoven)